Monday, January 13, 2020

"It is to Laff - Volume 4"

Whatta' ya' know . .  this followed a rather similar path to late 2018's "The Fright Album"
 . .  . structurally anywhoo.

   It began and grew in a way that it could've gone on as a largely solo-set from AtoZ.
But that's pretty obnoxie, no ?    Too much me is not enough You !
Let's get a fewseo from Konrad Useo in there. .  Ooo ! a submission from DJ Rudec ! Included a recent parody-piece from Voicedude, I did !
Hey ! . .  some Chocomang !! . . glad to feature some GladiLord  . .  found I did some Lenlow and some Alex H . . 

Folder link containing: 2 Discs of tracks, arts, notes . .  and a long-mix in 1 augmented flow for each disc as well !

  And yes, I've noticed how many pieces, especially in the past couple years, are so chocked full'a Pete Holmes samples. What can I say ? . .  one's work is a reflection of their taste and represents their world . . . and not only is Pete a unique comedian whose spirit and worldview obviously resonates with me . . but his weekly "You Made It Weird" podcasts are rarely under 2 hours, and that translates into more material.  . .  more damn samples !

    The same is even truer with "Mystery Science Theater 30o0" !
They appear as part of the cast in many pieces, while also having more pieces devoted to them.

  And the cover-artwork motif this time `round is obviously the "joke-wall" from 
"Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In".

  But maybe that ain't so obvious to any of y'all who foolishly decided to be born after the 70's.
Is that still even a reference most folks have some awareness of ?? . . . Well . .  is it ??

Generally at the show's end, cast members and guests of the era would take turns popping out of the doors on the wall for quick jokey moments. The front ( and back ) covers here are indeed very cleaned-up and manipulated from a half-way decent image of the wall I found online.

So this would be a better, more inclusive version of an american building a wall, right ?

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Holming In On The Source - The Ever-Increasing Infestation Of Pete Holmes Within My Creative Out-Poot

   Pete Holmes is many things, and they're generally pretty well in balance:  funny on-his-feet, funny with-his-head ( prepared material ) eclectically gathering wisdom 
without attaching a sealed rear-cover to the "book of clippings" that is an evolving life . .  ya' know ?

Holming In On The Source - Pete Holmes Teaser Trailer Video

   I first found Pete when searching for appearances Iliza Shlesinger had made, and that was my initial exposure to the Making of Weirdness.
I continued to check episodes based on who was being featured at first, and Jenny Slate was the one where I just had to edit a few moments as saved samples.

Pete asks if she minds having sex-stuff "done to her"
"sure, let `em . . . you mean like penis and vagina ?"
"no . . ."
"you mean like eating pussy ?"
"POO !!"
"I've never done The Poo-Laugh ! . . . "

That's it !! . . . I'm in !
"The PoO-Laugh" was both cartoony and real.
and also with Jenny I snagged - "I'm gonna' get drunk in the sky !!"

  As I've continued listening ( usually in my overnight suburban cab ) I will snap a pic of the timing for a "must have moment" and later edit-away at the full file.
Counting full-eps & sample-folders for most . .  many TBS monologues and a few videos, the Pete Holmes folder is now > "16.56 GB on disk for 965 items" <

   Pete is a unique spirit, my current fave comedian and all around smarty-guy, and samples have been sprinkled atop many "mash-ups" and sample-pieces.
Most as part of a varied cast . .  2 or 3 specific to Mr. P. Pants.
   I present all of them here as a compilation, while simultaneously proposing and nominating myself to be that "fan guest" for the podcast . . the one he's thought about having every once'd awhile.

   I dunno' if we'd play these pieces ( maybe by giving exhaustive pre-credits each time ? ) but I also happen to be witty and wise while possessing a professional warm but flaky voice . .  set of voices, really . . . and folks, largely in the cab on a good night, have asked many times if I was a comedian.
"Well, sure . .  for an audience of 2 to 5  just now."
But it never becomes "now sit back and shut up while you shut back and sit up . .  and I'll do my tight 5ive !"
It usually comes best thru the interactions, second only to all them "theories & stories of The Nature of Life" !

I could easily go 2 hours and 46 minutes with Pete . .  especially after a complimentary Ka'Chava with a side of Charlotte's  . . .

Folder contains the 12 sample-pieces \ mash-ups, 1 "Bonus-Bits" piece, track-by-track exhaustive notes with sources for all samples, and cover-arts.
link to the Comp's folder

Saturday, October 20, 2018

"You Can't Mash That - #31" --- "BeatleWeen" -- from 2012

  (( The 1st Weenish-comp, which the 2012 release of pre-dated this very blog it's now resurrected upon !! ))

  Wishin' you guys could all join me here in the northeast U.S.
That's where a typical & time-honored Ween of October is comin' up . . . and always has !

Air of crispy . . .  leaves of too.  Winds may whistly . . . . Some say "Boo"

   You go ahead now and conjure those images . .  or pop-in any northeastern set Halloweeny movie for some bound-to-be ambience  . . .  
 .  .  .  just turn the sound down, I got that.

   Let us state, right off the top of the bat  ( or the top of the troll or what have you ) and in case you're about to back off reading this cuz you're suddenly realizing it looks like a long & winding load . . . This "Suite of Ghoulish Coolness" was conceived more as a single-track / inter-weaved flow then any other comp I've yet put together.  ( which is, so far, an entire 3 ! )

   Want to listen to the individual tracks individually ? . . . go ahead, I sure have  
. . . and they're no less awesome n' gruesome n' loathsome n' then some.

  But it's spent a "year of fear" being designed as a "flow of woe", and outside of the "Inner-Stitch-Ills" there's even further quick n' snipped-bits what don't appear outside of the single-track-suite.
Ooo !, things that "don't appear outside" . . . that's pretty scary, kids !

   So . .  if you want the full experience . .  and you want it to play like the back-cover titles suggest with all those "Inner-Stitch-Ill" link-bits, . . .
cuz hell, I didn't even number those so they're not quite of this world even . . . 

   . . . well, you know what to do . . . 

(( and just to muddy the bloody waters a bit further, I've made the hasty-wasted decision  . .  as I create the final mp3s at 320 kbps .. to number them
   within their tags so that everything, interstitial link-bits included, will load into your devious devices in sequence . .  should you unwisely choose to go the "individual track route". Even tho' they will be separated into folders for "The Tracks" and "The Inner-Stitch-Ills" !

 Determined method-madness leaves scribbled riddles to tax mashers and annoy all ! ))


Friday, October 12, 2018

';' The Fright Album ';'

This comp has been nearly returned to for completion and release every year since 2015 . . .
but life and other projects were not quite allowing the time necessary .

  One upside of that is --- most of my tracks here have been slowly coming along the whole time, so a couple months of building it from the hallowed ground up wasn't the approach . .  it was slow-roasted & ghostly toasted !  ( so it's mostly more mosted . .  and I'm sorry I've boasted )

> ';' The Fright Album ';' <

  The whole time I sort'a figured it was to be an AtoZ collection, with maybe 3 or 4 from DJ Useo.

But August 20th of 2018, I shared a hopefully exciting folder of 33 isolated vocals . . isolated for the first time ( far as I know ) via Phonic Minds. And offered for everyone's fun and participation.

DJ Rudec, who at first claimed to have little European affinity for Halloweening, soon succumbed to the nefarious spell I'd cast and got into the more universal / global mood of creepy ominous forebodery . .  gracing and cursing us with 3 submissions !!

DJ Spider
and DJ DAW-GUN also joined our digital coven.

Concept & Cover:  well folks, "The Fright Album" is quite the natural title for a bunch'a spooky tunes, right ? 
But them Beatles aren't the theme thruout . .  not like 2012's "You Can't Mash That #31 - BeatleWeen" , nope.
Rather, they am our hosts behind the overall concept . . . and do indeed feature on AtoZ's track - "A Stranger Day" . .  so there !

and ? . .  when reading the required Comp-Notes, the .rtf TextEdit version has lot'sa hyperlinks what actually work like links !
Rather than the oddly formatted pdf, which just sort'a looks pretty ?
I continued to add characters from the tracks to the back-cover art, and a 10.9.18 addition is
>The Skull-Shaped 'Halloween Asteroid'< a little below Gary Larson's circling vultures.
It passed ON Halloween of 2015, and is due a little after this time `round.
I know in my rattling bones that if everyone world-wide listens to this comp over and over, we shall avert disaster from above.

Or  . . . it may just conjure it closer ? . . .
Let's find out !

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Mashmen Across The Waters - 2 Disc Elton Mashed Tribute Comp

   Late April of 2017, a wayward wander online has me finding 6 of Elton John's prime 70's albums on "WhoTube", track-for-track, as isolated vocals !?!


"Elton John"
"Tumbleweed Connection"
"Madman Across The Water"
"Honky Chateau"
"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
"Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy"

"Hey you masher guys ! . .  don't this seem like perfect fodder for a big ol' tribute comp ?"
One disc of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" mashed in sequence, and a second disc covering his wider range and career.

A teaser taster video promo-spot for the 2-Disc Comp featuring a range of modern mashers !

"Mashmen Across The Waters" < Link !

"not-for-profit / demonstration only" !

The 1st responses came right away !:
Voicedude was "so dialed-in" and provided many key tracks.
His presence is second only to my obnoxious dominance . . .

I originally thought a September release was likely . . yeah, Sept 2017 !!
But aside from perfectionist tweaking and some pitch-help from master-mashers like DJ Rudec, life insisted on happening. It's been a tumultuous year, it has.

Oh . .  and other projects diverting ones energies too !
Comps like
"AudioBoots 90's Mashed" or "Summer Booty 2018" may have occupied the front-burners from time to time . .  you know ?
( or those couple dozen new damn ideas I could not stop havin' ! )

But there was always something moving forward with it.

(( and thanks as always to DJ Useo for continual feedbag and final mastering ))
Should you delve into the absurdly comprehensive liner-notes, hopefully you can open a .rtf file. That's where all the hyperlinks actually work ! . .  unlike the clunky lookin' pdf. Those notes take about a 1/2 hour's read ( I just timed it ! ) and answer just about any question you were never about to ask !

New ideas are generally exciting, and it's always gratifying when it leads to something fun existing that wouldn't have otherwise.

(( kind'a like this entire comp, really. I'll occasionally get a deep chill realizing these wondrous works wouldn't be all existy if I hadn't called out unto you all for submissions. That may be the most satisfying thing about this ))

  And I realized while adding to the exhaustive Project-Notes awhile back . . .  Elton just might've had more far-reaching hits then some Comps that were collections of the semi-obscure !
A somewhat higher name-recognition amongst a wider world of peopley types ?
 I truly hadn't thought of this before writing here, but our little comp just might have the reach to dominate the world of online mashery. .  . mwah-ha-ha-ha-Ha !!

     for about 17 minutes on a Tuesday afternoon. 

  Another encouraging thing ? . .  
Elton his own self would likely enjoy this a big ol' bunch !
I'm going by stuff he's said since the darn 70's, and right up to the quote I use in the very first section here of the very first piece - "Intro For a Comp" --- 
"I thought it would be nice for some new artists to give their interpretations of some of the songs"

Hey Elton ! . .  we did !!Hey Elton ! . .  it's nice !!

Friday, May 12, 2017

"Mashmen Across The Water" - Compilation Invite !

   Hey there, Mashing individuals and overall gang... 

    Having recently found 6 prime Elton albums of isolated 5.1 vocals, plus loads of related materials ( not counting the unexpected instrumental YOU'll astound us all with ) I'm apparently helming the "Mashmen Across The Waters" compilation
 ( in functioning conjunctioning w DJ Konrad Useo )
pm me for details on folder-links that just might contain all this -- and More !

5-15-17 insert for continual updating:
"Goodbye Yellow Mash Load" - roster of tracks at work and at play !
Can we get some treatment on every track ? Alternate interpretations are not forbidden !
And, of course, a "Yellow Brick' sequence is one disc of the comp. The other being wide-open to Sir Elton's full spectrum.

1- Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
---- DJ Rudec ---"I Will Survive Crazy Funeral Bleeding"
-- Diana Ross & Ozzy Osbourne vs Elton

2- Candle In The Wind -------------Voicedude--"Goodnight Norma Jean" -- Elton & Marilyn vs Paul McCartney and Wings.

3- Bennie and the Jets ----------------------------- "BenniE Many JetTs" ... oki insists my ideas make this a new breed of okitoZ !

4- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road ------------------ AtoZ - vocal over 50 Cent's "8 Mile" inst

5- This Song Has No Title ------------------------- Voicedude - "This Song Bleeds Nothin'" -- Elton John vs Leona Lewis vs B.o.B

6- Grey Seal -------------------------------------------

7- Jamaica Jerk-Off -------------------------------- Voicedude - "Jerk You !" ---- Elton vs Coldplay

8- I've Seen That Movie Too ---------------------- AtoZ --
    "I've Seen That Mystery Movie Too" -- Elton vs MsT3k !

9- Sweet Painted Lady ----------------------------- AtoZ - "Philadelphia Freedom" vocal over Sweet painted inst. Sweet vocal still open.

10- The Ballad of Danny Bailey ----------------- AtoZ -- "The Escape Route of Danny Bailey" - Elton vs Boris Blank

( I got's to distract myself from this comp till other submissions come in . .  I keep having more ideas, darn it )

11- Dirty Little Girl ------------------ Chocomang --
     "Dirty Little Life" - Elton vs Billy Joel

12- All The Girls Love Alice" --------------------- turns out Useo had a stashed-away folder he just recalled, and even tho' it dupes stuff I had, it provided the full missing pella for this !
Then I watched "Twin Peaks" Ssn 3 \ Ep 8 and thought an inst from Nine Inch Nails might be perfecto ?
Hmm . . . 

Yeah . .  it soon became "All The Girls You Imagined" - Elton vs NIN.
That masher part of the brain is rarely inactive once engaged !

13- Your Sister Can't Twist --------------------- "Your Cool Thing Can't Twist" --oki--

14- Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting  ---- "Saturday Night's Alright (For Electricity)" (Elton John vs OMD) -- DJ Useo

15- Roy Rogers -------------------------------------- Useo has a nifty one over Zappa from 2011, currently in the tweak zone.

16- Social Disease -------------------------- DJ Marty Batfreak has previewed an early version of his gloriously demented work with this. It's kind'a Tom Waits meets Devo.
Can't "Wait" for it's progress !!

17- Harmony ------------------------------------------ AtoZ - vocal over xTc's "When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty"

"Low Writing" - AtoZ --  Capt. Fantastic track's vocals over

"dub-mix" of War's "Low Rider"

"Elton In The Mix With Beatles" --- MP3J - Elton joins Beatles original.

"Thinking of Levon" -- Voicedude ( gorgeous too !! )

"Susie Makes Noise" -- AtoZ  - Susie (Dramas) over Suzanne Vega's "Blood Makes Noise"

"Teen Amy" -- AtoZ - "Amy" over Sandy Nelson's "Teen Beat"

"Song Copy ( Carbon Salvation )" - Elton's "Love Song" & "Salvation" vs Telex's "Carbon Copy" - AtoZ"I Think I'm Rocking Myself" - Elton John vs Graziana's Karaoke of Edoardo Vianello - AtoZ

"Your Ghost Town Song" --oki-- Elton vs The Specials vs +

"Switch Me to The Pilot" -AtoZ - Elton vs Will Smith

"Since Bennie's Been Gone" - Voicedude - Elton vs Kelly Clarkson.

(( I was hoping a couple tunes would get uniquely different treatments, and "Bennie" is a great choice.
If we reach a full mashed sequence for Yellow Brick, we'll see which one's in that running, and which is the Bonus Bennie ! ))


and here's a few that a Google sweep for "Elton Mashups" found, and are undergoing consideration:

"Shake Your Crocodile" (Elton John vs Jackson 5 vs Taylor Swift) -
Shahar Varshal ( 2014 ) -- this one's in, man !

"Fly On, O Rocket Man" ( 
Elton John vs Coldplay )
 - Mashup Palace

  Dearest Mashter Mashers,

  Early in the last week of April 2017, some spark of a query had me Googling something about Elton isolated vocals or such  . .  who recalls every little curve in the paths of "lemme' check this . .  Oo, what's that there ? . .  ok, I'll go left down this-a-way and find whole new levels and get lost for fun's sake !"

Point is, I found a YouTuber who'd used 5.1 surround reissues of Sir Elton and posted isolated vocals

    Asking Useo if he'd found such treats himself, he said unto me "Cool !! . .  no . .  please send `em !!".
Only problem was, that upload of "Sweat Painted Lady" was wretched !! . .  levels that were, like -90 decibels and when boosted sounded like bees wrapped in waxey-papers !!
His postings, being nearly 9 years old now, just might mean he ain't soon rushing back to fix it neither, huh ?

I came home from workitty-work at Sunday's end still determined to find a better Sweet Lady, darn it . . . and had to try various search-terms within WhoTube till I hit upon `dis guy !

Search Elton on his channel and not only does one find 4,709 live shows, but one also hits a motherlode of FULL-ALBUM vocals !!!!!

Jeez BeJeeze huh ? . . neato torpedo !

Along w/ previously obtained Elton vocals here n' there, it's all totally overwhelmy !!
One wonders "Gee, how come no "Don't Shoo Me, I'm Only . . " or "Cariboo-Hoo" ??, till one later finds out that those two  . .  along w/ "Westies" and "Blue Moves" were fully prepared
for 5.1 SACD releases, but the formats never caught-on in the early 00's and the various labels feared losses and backed-off, damn it.

   So, Useo's already heard my early sketch work w/ the "Goodbye Yellow Brick" vocal over the inst. of 50 Cent's "8 Mile Road"
While downloading and converting all these albums worth from video to audio aiffs, I spot-listened to a bit of the "Philadelphia Freedom - Vocals" what comes at the end of the "Capt. Fantastic" batch, ok ? . . . . My masher-brain immediately began hearing the inst-version I'd also found of "Sweet Panting Lady" ( only inst mix I did find btw . .  odd, no ? . . must be more out there )

I also, while merely checking the vocal for "Harmony" thought of the Blu-Ray inst I'd found for xTc's ""When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty"". Adjusted inst's pitch, and I think that'll work pretty swift too.

Then ? . . . a couple days later, I merely LOOK at a line from "Writing" while doing a line-by-line edit . .  it runs through my head for a second, and I'm thinking of remixing War's "Low Rider" for it !
( LOVING that one, you bet ! ) (( and I'm trusting all you nutty lugs to know that timing & pitch issues you detect are also know by me, these are all In Progress !! . .  you know ? ))

So . .  Gosh . .  I now got 4 Elton mashes cookin' here, and .. . .  wait a powerful second !!
With the virtual el-TONS of material here, isn't it time to invite the mashy gang out there to contribute to something we might call, oh . .  I dunno' . . . "Mashmen Across The Water" ?!?
Yes . .  I believe it is.

My 1st notion was "Goodbye Yellow Mash Load" . .  the album mashed, in order. Somebody crafts some damn vocal over "Funeral for a Friend: and we're off, babe !
But maybe that's Disc 1 in a 2-disc compilation, and disc 2 is subtitled "Don't Mash Me, I'm Only The Digital Remix"
Ok . .  it' already feels underway, don't it ?

So not only am I inviting you'se guys n' gals to participate and percolate, but I'm providing a downloadable folder of the 6 Vocal-Only albums, each edited to song-by-song / including many tracks the original poster mysteriously left out but were found elsewhere / a sub-folder of several instrumentals / converted mogg tracks for "Croc Rock" / freshly looped n' linked backings from the extended-mixiz of "Who Wears These Shoes ?", "Wrap Her Up" & "Passengers" / and a sub-folder w/ my 4 tracks-in-progress, so nobody duplicates `em exactly ( variations welcome ) and folks get further enthused ( or warned-off ) BY them !

I just hope there's not too many hippitty-hops, samey EDM vocals, or the kind of recent pop-hits that won't stand the test of time ( those that will, certainly will ! )

Pre. S. -- The "Goodbye Yellow Brick" vocals-only file was a bit problematic. 3 tracks were skipped, man ! I separately found the vocal for "Saturday Night Fight"& included the semi-isolated choruses for "Alice" so someone can graft that into another piece. But "Sister Twist" remains elusive ! If one a ' you smarty-pants can extract it or reverb-blend a line into "something", then we got's ourselves a Disc 1 of "Goodbye Yellow Mash Load" . .  maybe ?
And, of course, if any y'all can fashion tracks like "Little Jeannie" / "Nobody Wins" / ..."Teenage Idol" / ETC-whichever into backings for whosever vocals... please !! 
We need a few non-Elty vocals for Disc Two in there somewhere. On top of his vocals over surprising insts !

B. S. -- I converted files into aiffs & wavs for the "Inst" folder, then realized that doing the same for ALL the albums folders would be absurdulous !!
You PC-ers can work with or convert aiffs, can't `cha huh ?

Friday, April 28, 2017

"of Science and Time with MST3k - Season 11"

                "of Science and Time with MST3k - Season 11"
                         ( folder w/ both tracks, arts, notes )

   Twas primarily the first 3 episodes of MsT's 11th revived & refreshed season that inspired these 2 sample-piece/mash-ups.
So many swell lines on science and time-travel to use as samples. 
And as these pieces neared completion, "Yongary", "Starcrash" and even "what's science ?" from "Carnival Magic" presented themselves with the perfect additions !

  I'm sure there's more than a few of us, inhaling the wide-range of creativity in Season 11 over a week or two, who then exhale some creativity infused with it all !
Whether it's paintings, t-shirts, pot-holder & coasters . .  or a couple of sample-piece / mashups, like these from AtoZ:

 The inspiration-point for both of these MSTy items is rather simple . .  obvious even !

  I was already rewatching the earliest episodes ( before finishing the season ) while having also dropped the mp4 files into the audio-editor Fission . .  the better to save lines as samples for whatever future purpose.

                                         The "A-Side"

  Around the same time, I'd added the extended mix of Thomas Dolby's "She Blinded Me With Science !" to a folder of prospective 80's mashes.
  And "Hey ! . .  both "Reptilicus" and "The Time Travelers" are lousy with moments mocking scientists, commenting on scientists,  and AS scientists !!"
They'd Binded Me With Science !!

  So balance highly scientific use of MST along with Michael Jackson's "Beat It" vocal over the looped & linked Dolby track, and it's "She Beat Me With Science !"  . . .

The bursts of "science !!" from Dr. Magnus Pyke came from a vid of Dolby playing the isolated samples for an audience.

  And .  . well into production on this, I suddenly thought "wait a tic, there has to be an MsT where someone in the theater actually riffs "she blinded me with science !", right ??
Figure out the right Google search-terms and lo and behead :
 --- "417 - Crash of Moons" . . . Trace's Crow !

also includes:
Mike's "touch a button, things happen . . . sometimes"
from 621- "The Beast of Yucca Flats"
Servo's "Patti LaBelle" going "wha-a-a-a-a-a"
and Servo's "it's a nice day for a white wedding" from 404 "Teenagers from Outer Space"

  So I thought this track was 99% done . . maybe a timing tweak or two still ? . . and was polishing the nuttier all-MST samples "B-Side" fulla' Steiners and Capsules !! and BANG !
But it was time for another episode premiere . .  #1112 - "Carnival Magic" and when they riffed Markov stroking his chin and asking "what's science ?", I knew just the right home for it.
While adding that, a "BANG !" may have snuck by me and embedded itself as well. . .

                                         The "B-Side"

  "Dr. Von Steiner - Time Traveler" is completely MST over the instrumental version of Yello's "Dr. Van Steiner".
Von . .  Van . .  meet each other and be as one. Close enough !
Maybe there was a slight warpage in the time portal warp effect as they looped and lapped each other thru time and space and he's now a mutant hybrid time-echo of his new former dopple-self ? It's Dr. Von Van !

There's a few cross-over lines from the other track, while using moments from:
"The Time Travelers"
the "Yongary" capsule scene - --  "capsule . . Capsule !!"
and all 9 variations of "Bang !" from "Cry Wilderness"
plus late in the process I went thru "Starcrash" . . Christopher Plummer's "halt the flow of time !" was a natural, man . . 

  Plus, there's a moment from an MST some of you may recall from before Jonah and The Bots: Dr. F's "turn it off !!" from "The Castle of Fu Man Chu"