Saturday, October 20, 2018

"You Can't Mash That - #31" --- "BeatleWeen" -- from 2012

  (( The 1st Weenish-comp, which the 2012 release of pre-dated this very blog it's now resurrected upon !! ))

  Wishin' you guys could all join me here in the northeast U.S.
That's where a typical & time-honored Ween of October is comin' up . . . and always has !

Air of crispy . . .  leaves of too.  Winds may whistly . . . . Some say "Boo"

   You go ahead now and conjure those images . .  or pop-in any northeastern set Halloweeny movie for some bound-to-be ambience  . . .  
 .  .  .  just turn the sound down, I got that.

   Let us state, right off the top of the bat  ( or the top of the troll or what have you ) and in case you're about to back off reading this cuz you're suddenly realizing it looks like a long & winding load . . . This "Suite of Ghoulish Coolness" was conceived more as a single-track / inter-weaved flow then any other comp I've yet put together.  ( which is, so far, an entire 3 ! )

   Want to listen to the individual tracks individually ? . . . go ahead, I sure have  
. . . and they're no less awesome n' gruesome n' loathsome n' then some.

  But it's spent a "year of fear" being designed as a "flow of woe", and outside of the "Inner-Stitch-Ills" there's even further quick n' snipped-bits what don't appear outside of the single-track-suite.
Ooo !, things that "don't appear outside" . . . that's pretty scary, kids !

   So . .  if you want the full experience . .  and you want it to play like the back-cover titles suggest with all those "Inner-Stitch-Ill" link-bits, . . .
cuz hell, I didn't even number those so they're not quite of this world even . . . 

   . . . well, you know what to do . . . 

(( and just to muddy the bloody waters a bit further, I've made the hasty-wasted decision  . .  as I create the final mp3s at 320 kbps .. to number them
   within their tags so that everything, interstitial link-bits included, will load into your devious devices in sequence . .  should you unwisely choose to go the "individual track route". Even tho' they will be separated into folders for "The Tracks" and "The Inner-Stitch-Ills" !

 Determined method-madness leaves scribbled riddles to tax mashers and annoy all ! ))