Friday, May 12, 2017

"Mashmen Across The Water" - Compilation Invite !

   Hey there, Mashing individuals and overall gang... 

    Having recently found 6 prime Elton albums of isolated 5.1 vocals, plus loads of related materials ( not counting the unexpected instrumental YOU'll astound us all with ) I'm apparently helming the "Mashmen Across The Waters" compilation
 ( in functioning conjunctioning w DJ Konrad Useo )
pm me for details on folder-links that just might contain all this -- and More !

5-15-17 insert for continual updating:
"Goodbye Yellow Mash Load" - roster of tracks at work and at play !
Can we get some treatment on every track ? Alternate interpretations are not forbidden !
And, of course, a "Yellow Brick' sequence is one disc of the comp. The other being wide-open to Sir Elton's full spectrum.

1- Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
---- DJ Rudec ---"I Will Survive Crazy Funeral Bleeding"
-- Diana Ross & Ozzy Osbourne vs Elton

2- Candle In The Wind -------------Voicedude--"Goodnight Norma Jean" -- Elton & Marilyn vs Paul McCartney and Wings.

3- Bennie and the Jets ----------------------------- "BenniE Many JetTs" ... oki insists my ideas make this a new breed of okitoZ !

4- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road ------------------ AtoZ - vocal over 50 Cent's "8 Mile" inst

5- This Song Has No Title ------------------------- Voicedude - "This Song Bleeds Nothin'" -- Elton John vs Leona Lewis vs B.o.B

6- Grey Seal -------------------------------------------

7- Jamaica Jerk-Off -------------------------------- Voicedude - "Jerk You !" ---- Elton vs Coldplay

8- I've Seen That Movie Too ---------------------- AtoZ --
    "I've Seen That Mystery Movie Too" -- Elton vs MsT3k !

9- Sweet Painted Lady ----------------------------- AtoZ - "Philadelphia Freedom" vocal over Sweet painted inst. Sweet vocal still open.

10- The Ballad of Danny Bailey ----------------- AtoZ -- "The Escape Route of Danny Bailey" - Elton vs Boris Blank

( I got's to distract myself from this comp till other submissions come in . .  I keep having more ideas, darn it )

11- Dirty Little Girl ------------------ Chocomang --
     "Dirty Little Life" - Elton vs Billy Joel

12- All The Girls Love Alice" --------------------- turns out Useo had a stashed-away folder he just recalled, and even tho' it dupes stuff I had, it provided the full missing pella for this !
Then I watched "Twin Peaks" Ssn 3 \ Ep 8 and thought an inst from Nine Inch Nails might be perfecto ?
Hmm . . . 

Yeah . .  it soon became "All The Girls You Imagined" - Elton vs NIN.
That masher part of the brain is rarely inactive once engaged !

13- Your Sister Can't Twist --------------------- "Your Cool Thing Can't Twist" --oki--

14- Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting  ---- "Saturday Night's Alright (For Electricity)" (Elton John vs OMD) -- DJ Useo

15- Roy Rogers -------------------------------------- Useo has a nifty one over Zappa from 2011, currently in the tweak zone.

16- Social Disease -------------------------- DJ Marty Batfreak has previewed an early version of his gloriously demented work with this. It's kind'a Tom Waits meets Devo.
Can't "Wait" for it's progress !!

17- Harmony ------------------------------------------ AtoZ - vocal over xTc's "When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty"

"Low Writing" - AtoZ --  Capt. Fantastic track's vocals over

"dub-mix" of War's "Low Rider"

"Elton In The Mix With Beatles" --- MP3J - Elton joins Beatles original.

"Thinking of Levon" -- Voicedude ( gorgeous too !! )

"Susie Makes Noise" -- AtoZ  - Susie (Dramas) over Suzanne Vega's "Blood Makes Noise"

"Teen Amy" -- AtoZ - "Amy" over Sandy Nelson's "Teen Beat"

"Song Copy ( Carbon Salvation )" - Elton's "Love Song" & "Salvation" vs Telex's "Carbon Copy" - AtoZ"I Think I'm Rocking Myself" - Elton John vs Graziana's Karaoke of Edoardo Vianello - AtoZ

"Your Ghost Town Song" --oki-- Elton vs The Specials vs +

"Switch Me to The Pilot" -AtoZ - Elton vs Will Smith

"Since Bennie's Been Gone" - Voicedude - Elton vs Kelly Clarkson.

(( I was hoping a couple tunes would get uniquely different treatments, and "Bennie" is a great choice.
If we reach a full mashed sequence for Yellow Brick, we'll see which one's in that running, and which is the Bonus Bennie ! ))


and here's a few that a Google sweep for "Elton Mashups" found, and are undergoing consideration:

"Shake Your Crocodile" (Elton John vs Jackson 5 vs Taylor Swift) -
Shahar Varshal ( 2014 ) -- this one's in, man !

"Fly On, O Rocket Man" ( 
Elton John vs Coldplay )
 - Mashup Palace

  Dearest Mashter Mashers,

  Early in the last week of April 2017, some spark of a query had me Googling something about Elton isolated vocals or such  . .  who recalls every little curve in the paths of "lemme' check this . .  Oo, what's that there ? . .  ok, I'll go left down this-a-way and find whole new levels and get lost for fun's sake !"

Point is, I found a YouTuber who'd used 5.1 surround reissues of Sir Elton and posted isolated vocals

    Asking Useo if he'd found such treats himself, he said unto me "Cool !! . .  no . .  please send `em !!".
Only problem was, that upload of "Sweat Painted Lady" was wretched !! . .  levels that were, like -90 decibels and when boosted sounded like bees wrapped in waxey-papers !!
His postings, being nearly 9 years old now, just might mean he ain't soon rushing back to fix it neither, huh ?

I came home from workitty-work at Sunday's end still determined to find a better Sweet Lady, darn it . . . and had to try various search-terms within WhoTube till I hit upon `dis guy !

Search Elton on his channel and not only does one find 4,709 live shows, but one also hits a motherlode of FULL-ALBUM vocals !!!!!

Jeez BeJeeze huh ? . . neato torpedo !

Along w/ previously obtained Elton vocals here n' there, it's all totally overwhelmy !!
One wonders "Gee, how come no "Don't Shoo Me, I'm Only . . " or "Cariboo-Hoo" ??, till one later finds out that those two  . .  along w/ "Westies" and "Blue Moves" were fully prepared
for 5.1 SACD releases, but the formats never caught-on in the early 00's and the various labels feared losses and backed-off, damn it.

   So, Useo's already heard my early sketch work w/ the "Goodbye Yellow Brick" vocal over the inst. of 50 Cent's "8 Mile Road"
While downloading and converting all these albums worth from video to audio aiffs, I spot-listened to a bit of the "Philadelphia Freedom - Vocals" what comes at the end of the "Capt. Fantastic" batch, ok ? . . . . My masher-brain immediately began hearing the inst-version I'd also found of "Sweet Panting Lady" ( only inst mix I did find btw . .  odd, no ? . . must be more out there )

I also, while merely checking the vocal for "Harmony" thought of the Blu-Ray inst I'd found for xTc's ""When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty"". Adjusted inst's pitch, and I think that'll work pretty swift too.

Then ? . . . a couple days later, I merely LOOK at a line from "Writing" while doing a line-by-line edit . .  it runs through my head for a second, and I'm thinking of remixing War's "Low Rider" for it !
( LOVING that one, you bet ! ) (( and I'm trusting all you nutty lugs to know that timing & pitch issues you detect are also know by me, these are all In Progress !! . .  you know ? ))

So . .  Gosh . .  I now got 4 Elton mashes cookin' here, and .. . .  wait a powerful second !!
With the virtual el-TONS of material here, isn't it time to invite the mashy gang out there to contribute to something we might call, oh . .  I dunno' . . . "Mashmen Across The Water" ?!?
Yes . .  I believe it is.

My 1st notion was "Goodbye Yellow Mash Load" . .  the album mashed, in order. Somebody crafts some damn vocal over "Funeral for a Friend: and we're off, babe !
But maybe that's Disc 1 in a 2-disc compilation, and disc 2 is subtitled "Don't Mash Me, I'm Only The Digital Remix"
Ok . .  it' already feels underway, don't it ?

So not only am I inviting you'se guys n' gals to participate and percolate, but I'm providing a downloadable folder of the 6 Vocal-Only albums, each edited to song-by-song / including many tracks the original poster mysteriously left out but were found elsewhere / a sub-folder of several instrumentals / converted mogg tracks for "Croc Rock" / freshly looped n' linked backings from the extended-mixiz of "Who Wears These Shoes ?", "Wrap Her Up" & "Passengers" / and a sub-folder w/ my 4 tracks-in-progress, so nobody duplicates `em exactly ( variations welcome ) and folks get further enthused ( or warned-off ) BY them !

I just hope there's not too many hippitty-hops, samey EDM vocals, or the kind of recent pop-hits that won't stand the test of time ( those that will, certainly will ! )

Pre. S. -- The "Goodbye Yellow Brick" vocals-only file was a bit problematic. 3 tracks were skipped, man ! I separately found the vocal for "Saturday Night Fight"& included the semi-isolated choruses for "Alice" so someone can graft that into another piece. But "Sister Twist" remains elusive ! If one a ' you smarty-pants can extract it or reverb-blend a line into "something", then we got's ourselves a Disc 1 of "Goodbye Yellow Mash Load" . .  maybe ?
And, of course, if any y'all can fashion tracks like "Little Jeannie" / "Nobody Wins" / ..."Teenage Idol" / ETC-whichever into backings for whosever vocals... please !! 
We need a few non-Elty vocals for Disc Two in there somewhere. On top of his vocals over surprising insts !

B. S. -- I converted files into aiffs & wavs for the "Inst" folder, then realized that doing the same for ALL the albums folders would be absurdulous !!
You PC-ers can work with or convert aiffs, can't `cha huh ?