Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Did I Wait Too Late to Get Bloggy With It ? -- (( intended Blog background ))

    I, like countless others no doubt, had consider creating a blog for myself for quite awhile.
I'd been on the fence about being on the verge of it fer' years already ! Then it took an increasingly urgent series of events and the need for a linkable post where I could html in a Paypal Donate Button to push me off that fence . . . you see ?

   Well . . .  here you can see Post #1.

I just wish I'd done it while Blogs still looked like my super-pal DJ Useo's.
Hey ! . .  maybe they still do ? . . .  but I sure couldn't get it that way.

Setting up the Blog in general was a succession of snaps ! ---- easy !
Trying to get a custom-background to fit completely and be fully visible ? --- Ha !
Hours of Googling advice from all over the Web-World resulted in quite a few differently sized versions Photoshopped and sitting in the folder.

Here's the full intended image, if this even works !!

A Public Drive to Stay Alive -- An AtoZ Telethon

Even as "life" continues chipping away chunks of me,
my guardian angels have rarely failed to astound me as they save me from deep and actual harm to my personal physical body type self !
And now maybe you'se guys could be Honorary Guardians and help me restore of few of those chipped away chunks :  

                          (( There is a 'Donate Button' at the bottom, in case  

                                              I lose ya' before then ! ))

1- Dec. 10th - 2013
     Cab hits black-ice on bridge pavement . . . slams into 
     tractor-trailer on right, then guard-rail on left. Cab totaled, yet
     my head goes thru no windows.

2- late Jan. - 2014
     Escalating issues on late 2006 iMac finally go full-on fritzo.
     ( detailed below )
     Substitute of 2002 laptop running off Seagate external w/ USB
     is a replacement like a skateboard is a replacement for 747.
     Honestly !, even something as simple as my browser often 
     must be force-quit 5 or 6 times before briefly functioning.
     How wounded must I be before crying out for "Help !" ??

3- Feb. 17th - 2014
     On the night I'm carrying all the weekend's cab-money to leave
     my partner his 50%, I am robbed.
     I had the ballsy brains to let some of the "wad" drop to the floor
     while handing it to Knifey-Boy, but they still got over $300.
     Then ? . .  while leaving, he reached forward and grabbed my 160
     gb iPod and my iPod touch like a guy dipping into the mints
     while leaving the restaurant !

  At the time of my Mac's collapse, my dear buddy DJ Useo informed me he was going to spearhead an appeal for donations, and I'm not the first member of any creative community he's done this for !
He's continually told me I'm creatively unique n' vital n' stuff, and that it's better if I'm able to continue in these ways . . .  apparently, he means it !
(( not sure if there's any truth to it  . . . ))

A few handy examples of my wacky packed crap ? :

If you think, perhaps, that a continuing flow of audio & video pieces like these items above, for example, are worth continuing . . . and for that matter, my life is worth continuing . . you might maybe toss a small amount of funds at my 1st ever "Public Drive to Keep Alive".

Firstly, by "keep alive", I mean 2 rather related things: 

1 - That my late 2006 iMac is . . . well, . . a late 2006 !!
Its been slowly but steadily freezing completely at ran-dumb times, requiring a hard off / restart.
Online diagnosis sure seems to point to the graphics card going wonky, but the whole 2006-ness of it all doesn't suggest that total self-healing has ever been in it's bag of digital tricks.
( some short-term healing, always . . . overall regeneration ? . . prob'ly not )

Edit : 24 hours after 1st writing this Pitiful Appeal, new symptoms reared-up and I could now not restart beyond a start-up Apple w/ green jagged lines, into an eternal blue-screen.
The next day revealed that safe-mode can indeed access "My Baby's Brain" here, but audio, amongst other things, is completely disabled.
Hoo Boy -- the fun never starts !

Other snazzy crap it does isn't likely to get younger neither !!

My business w/ my partner-buddy, Reliable Rides, continues to grow and prosper . . . but keeping up with all those weekly / monthly life costs is one thing, Snapping up a new Mac if mine goes blooey is still a few levels beyond me.

I alluded to if "my life is worth continuing" because, currently, I live in a screened-off section of my brother Jim's living room.
The chair I'm writing this from, and was working up all other spiffy stuff as well, rolls outside the screen so I can murphy down an air mattress at those prone times.
Outside of these items : Mac, chair, mattress . . that's my world right now.
No T.V. . . no room to set-up jigsaw puzzles or coveted collections of ancient artifacts . . nuthin'.
So if my Mac became a dark mirror before I reached-out pleadingly, I would spend 2 or more nights-off a week staring at a wall 3 1/2 feet away !
This is essentially close enough to pound my head into repeatedly by about the 6th hour of bleak unconnected nothingness !!

Save a life with creative purpose and goofy plans . . . save some cool stuff I might just do !
Save my sanity from clamity !!