Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Holming In On The Source - The Ever-Increasing Infestation Of Pete Holmes Within My Creative Out-Poot

   Pete Holmes is many things, and they're generally pretty well in balance:  funny on-his-feet, funny with-his-head ( prepared material ) eclectically gathering wisdom 
without attaching a sealed rear-cover to the "book of clippings" that is an evolving life . .  ya' know ?

Holming In On The Source - Pete Holmes Teaser Trailer Video

   I first found Pete when searching for appearances Iliza Shlesinger had made, and that was my initial exposure to the Making of Weirdness.
I continued to check episodes based on who was being featured at first, and Jenny Slate was the one where I just had to edit a few moments as saved samples.

Pete asks if she minds having sex-stuff "done to her"
"sure, let `em . . . you mean like penis and vagina ?"
"no . . ."
"you mean like eating pussy ?"
"POO !!"
"I've never done The Poo-Laugh ! . . . "

That's it !! . . . I'm in !
"The PoO-Laugh" was both cartoony and real.
and also with Jenny I snagged - "I'm gonna' get drunk in the sky !!"

  As I've continued listening ( usually in my overnight suburban cab ) I will snap a pic of the timing for a "must have moment" and later edit-away at the full file.
Counting full-eps & sample-folders for most . .  many TBS monologues and a few videos, the Pete Holmes folder is now > "16.56 GB on disk for 965 items" <

   Pete is a unique spirit, my current fave comedian and all around smarty-guy, and samples have been sprinkled atop many "mash-ups" and sample-pieces.
Most as part of a varied cast . .  2 or 3 specific to Mr. P. Pants.
   I present all of them here as a compilation, while simultaneously proposing and nominating myself to be that "fan guest" for the podcast . . the one he's thought about having every once'd awhile.

   I dunno' if we'd play these pieces ( maybe by giving exhaustive pre-credits each time ? ) but I also happen to be witty and wise while possessing a professional warm but flaky voice . .  set of voices, really . . . and folks, largely in the cab on a good night, have asked many times if I was a comedian.
"Well, sure . .  for an audience of 2 to 5  just now."
But it never becomes "now sit back and shut up while you shut back and sit up . .  and I'll do my tight 5ive !"
It usually comes best thru the interactions, second only to all them "theories & stories of The Nature of Life" !

I could easily go 2 hours and 46 minutes with Pete . .  especially after a complimentary Ka'Chava with a side of Charlotte's  . . .

Folder contains the 12 sample-pieces \ mash-ups, 1 "Bonus-Bits" piece, track-by-track exhaustive notes with sources for all samples, and cover-arts.
link to the Comp's folder