Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Did I Wait Too Late to Get Bloggy With It ? -- (( intended Blog background ))

    I, like countless others no doubt, had consider creating a blog for myself for quite awhile.
I'd been on the fence about being on the verge of it fer' years already ! Then it took an increasingly urgent series of events and the need for a linkable post where I could html in a Paypal Donate Button to push me off that fence . . . you see ?

   Well . . .  here you can see Post #1.

I just wish I'd done it while Blogs still looked like my super-pal DJ Useo's.
Hey ! . .  maybe they still do ? . . .  but I sure couldn't get it that way.

Setting up the Blog in general was a succession of snaps ! ---- easy !
Trying to get a custom-background to fit completely and be fully visible ? --- Ha !
Hours of Googling advice from all over the Web-World resulted in quite a few differently sized versions Photoshopped and sitting in the folder.

Here's the full intended image, if this even works !!

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