Friday, January 6, 2017

The Best of The Newest of AtoZ's Previously Unreleased Latest Classics

       I am so damn pleased and proud of these snappy-tracks.
There's a lot of life in them: sometimes confident in their silliness, and sometimes just plain powerful and uplifting.

 Or bunches of both !

    I was even everso bold as to take FaceBook's suggestions on relatable Friends and keep running with it, and after it . . . 
a widening of my potential audience.
    So open-widen audio-ence !

  Unreleased Latest Classics" < full-contents folder

   But, I must be honest -- -- the whole time I've also been hoping that by increasing the number of like-minded folks I share this Comp with, the better the chance that a few will actually listen and, who knows, actually make real life comments. Oh BOY !
(( self-promotion is awkward, man . .  prostitootin' your own horn       like this ))

   I think we all know how it is in these modern daze . .  everyday our lives get fuller of apps beeping at us / news overwhelming us / and all our own fun ideas piling-up !
These days you're lucky if someone clicks "Like", and that may only mean they saw that you shared something  . .  who has time to actually check into it ?!?

   And if anyone gets "into" AtoZ's comp of early 2017 enough for the richer experience, there's the Mega-Mix Single-Track Full-Flow >> "The Best of The Newest of AtoZ's Previously Unreleased Latest Classics - Mega-Mix Single-Track Flow.mp3"


  1. What dah' hell, gals and guys ?
    I finally upload this bursting package, my happy heart pounding my eyes wide . . . and when that current of excitement is no doubt why I awoke 4 hours later, I see that right away nearly 20 folks have all snagged the long mp3 of the whole thing, but NO one = zero has taken the full-folder, what w/ the everything ?? You know, like the individual tracks and smuch smuch more ??.

    Peoples want one thing and not smuch more ?!

    ( we'll see if things balance out over time, ey ? )

    1. Never mind . . I added "< full-contents folder" right by it's link and that seemingly did "something".
      That download choice surged from zero to 3 times the single-track, and all in 12 hours since upload.

      I should prob'ly delete both these re-dumb-dant comments now, but c'mon . . . who doesn't unveil something after months of work and then watch the numbers and responses like a candle-counting kid on their birthday ?

      ADMIT it !!

  2. I've become quite familiar with the contents of this release, & man is it ever excellent. The concepts of each track are advanced, & the production keeps up with the best. Many thanks, & MORE!

    1. MORE ?!? . . but I just . . you know how I . . . how can you . . .

      Oh, you know darn well there's loads of tons of more already down the pike they come . . holding hands and making plans !

  3. Tried DLing the full directory but Windows says the zip file is invalid. Can't open it. :(

    1. Hang on, Pk . . I'm just giving it a test-download thru Google-Chrome, but on a Mac !
      I JUST had an "invalid" problem w/ mediafire an hour ago, and clearing site-specific cookies cleared it up.

      Yup . . downloaded & opened just fine for me.
      Hurts my heart to know someone is TRYing and being denied.
      See if it's cookies on your end ?

    2. Wait . . the "full directory" ??
      What`choo mean, Pk ?

  4. I mean the link marked as:

    The Best of The Newest of AtoZ's Previously Unreleased Latest Classics" < full-contents folder

    I'll clear cookies and try again.

  5. Nope. I deleted all cookies, DLed, got the same error. Then I tried with Internet Explorer instead of Chrome and got the same error. "Invalid zip file."

  6. Not knowing PC-stuff, I can't follow-thru on this, but : ?


    Does that publish as a full link this time ?
    If not, copy and paste !
    I just DL'd again, and opened . . and played a track !
    I hate to be one a' those "we cannot replicate this issue" guys, but it works perfect for me. I hope you're not an indicator of other PCers having the same problem & I've got lots of dead zips out there !!

  8. I found the problem!

    Windows 10 has a very annoying bug where, if any file's full path-name is too long, it refuses to accept it as a real file. That's what's happening; this zip file has subfolders within folders within folders, all with long names.

    Fortunately, the program 7zip has no problem handling this, so I was able to open it with 7zip. But I wouldn't have realize it if I hadn't seen someone at that link you pasted recommending Long Path Tool (which is another fix, but a less easy to use one IMO).

  9. Oh GOOD ! . . well, for you.
    For me it means those telling me that PC's might have problems w/ long names are more likely right, and now I gotta' wonder how many tried a download and gave-the-fuck-Up !

    Come on back and tell me about general enjoyment or any favorite tracks or moments . . .